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Fri Jun 15 18:11:08 PDT 2007

On 6/15/07, Kent Cowgill <kent at c2group.net> wrote:
> * All kidding aside, all it takes to get your "Cincinnati style"
> chili** with beans is to order either a four way with beans (so that
> means no onions) or a five way which includes both.

It's not that I necessarily want beans in my chili (as with barbecue*,
we're sufficiently close to Texas that its influence is present, and
any place that's at all serious about its chili will have it available
with and without beans, and I'm not sure there's really a default.
Well, probably "with," but I think that's strictly a financial thing,
and doesn't necessary reflect a majority view from patrons), it's that
I don't want pasta in it, or under it. Pasta and ground beef?  That's
spaghetti (hey, *my* spaghetti recipe includes Worcestershire sauce).
Or maybe Hamburger Helper.

Of course, my view may be colored by the fact that the only place I've
ever seen Cincinnati-style chili is Steak'n'Shake (*mumble*ty years
ago; we don't have them here) and I don't know of anyone who ever had
it twice. Maybe it was just a poor implementation.

(* See also the BBQ BOF wiki page. Hey, maybe we need a Chili BOF?)

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