[yapc] yapc hilton info; NO ROOMS LEFT @ YAPC rate!

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Thu Apr 5 11:48:35 PDT 2007

>>>>> "LH" == Lawrence Hixson <Lawrence.Hixson at noaa.gov> writes:

  LH> Just got off the phone with Hilton, all YAPC rooms are booked.  Rate for 
  LH> last 9 rooms is $149/night for 24th thru 27th; rooms are available 28th 
  LH> -30th (after the conference).

depending on the room and roommates, you could also double up in the
hotel rooms. i will keep my single for good reasons. :) and i imagine
crashing on hotel room floors will be a unmentioned option for some. 

also i just converted my rate down to the conference rate but the first
night i booked (sat. june 23) is at the $149 rate. jeremy, can you try
to extend the window of the conference rates back to that date? some
will want to arrive on saturday to enjoy the steambath before yapc. :)



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