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Bill Morris bill_morris at ncsu.edu
Thu Apr 5 09:50:56 PDT 2007

  That was just to encourage attendees to associate with each
other outside the sessions to build network channels for 
after the conference by means of:
Traveling in packs for self-preservation.
Bill Morris

>>> Diona Kidd <diona at knowmad.com> 4/5/2007 12:07 PM >>>
Make that 7 rooms left. How's the area around the university? I'm
asking because last year the neighborhood around the event was a little,
um, questionable.

On Apr 5, 2007, at 9:56 AM, Jeremy Fluhmann wrote:

9 rooms left! I'll be working to try and get more blocked off, if
possible. As I mentioned last night (I think), I'm also going to be
trying to work a deal with a 2nd hotel close to the venue.


On 4/5/07, Karsten Dahms <k_dahms at yahoo.com> wrote:

Just booked my room at YAPC rate. 

So reservations work now. 

See ya all in Houston

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i just spoke again to a reservation person at the hilton and i booked
room at the normal rate (sat-sat). they know about yapc now but they 
haven't gotten it into the computer yet if you call tomorrow
you should be able to get the block rate. i will call then and change
rate but i wanted to book the room asap.

Hilton University of Houston
4800 Calhoun Street, Houston, Texas, United States 77204-3028
Tel: 1-713-741-2447 Fax: 1-713-743-2498 

they don't have a pool or jacuzzi but the campus has an outdoor pool
seems. there is a fee of $6/visit but maybe we can get a better deal
jeremy has something else to do. :) i can't seem to find out what other

things their pool facility has. i found it on the campus map but you
can't click on that building to get more info. also i don't know the
in general yet but we should get semi-custom maps made for our use with

the important places highlighted.



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