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Jeremy Fluhmann fluhmann at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 17:19:30 PDT 2007

On 4/4/07, Jim Brandt <cbrandt at buffalo.edu> wrote:
> Uri Guttman wrote:
>   i found it on the campus map but you
> > can't click on that building to get more info. also i don't know the map
> > in general yet but we should get semi-custom maps made for our use with
> > the important places highlighted.
> Any volunteers to help be the 'we' here? It would be really cool if
> someone wanted to volunteer to start a google map for Houston like this
> one for YAPC::EU:
> http://vienna.yapceurope.org/ye2007/map.html
> Any Google map experts out there?
> Then the locals could add the details based on local knowledge.
> Jeremy, please correct me if you already have this covered. :)

That would be great!  I had planned on doing this, but haven't had much time
to work on it (just a poor attempt at it when we were choosing venue
sites).  If no one volunteers, I'll eventually get around to it, but
probably not this week.

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