[yapc] YAPC presentation videos

Kent Cowgill kent at c2group.net
Mon Nov 13 01:23:37 PST 2006

I'm seeding asbestos I'm able, but unfortunately, hardly anyone else  
is.  (I'm concentrating my efforts on the ipod/podcast files, and  
have only successfully downloaded (and subsequently started seeding)  
Andy's and Joshua's presentations.  Please, if you've downloaded  
these torrents, leave your BT client open for seeding for a bit,  
until they become a bit more established.

I'm considering leaving these seeded while I'm at work (where my  
laptop travels with me, and thus the seeds).  Because it's one of the  
legal uses of BT :)  But please know that I will continue to seed  
them from home, every evening I remember to launch BT.

Now my quandary: I'm trying to figure out if I want to share these  
videos (specifically Andy's Technical Debt and Chris's Perl::Critic  
presentations) at work (as part of our lunch & learn program), or if  
I want to beg them to come for an in-person talk ;-)

-Kent Cowgill

C2 Group, Inc.                                             
kent at c2group.net

On Nov 10, 2006, at 7:18 AM, Chris Dolan wrote:

> P.S.  If you are a Bittorrent aficionado, please consider seeding the
> videos!  The .torrent files are conveniently bundled at:
>    http://media-landscape.com/yapc/alltorrents.tar.gz
> Create an empty folder, unpack that archive in it, and run:
>    btlaunchmanycurses.py .

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