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Zebrowski, Zak zaz at mitre.org
Fri Jun 30 08:27:09 PDT 2006

Thanks for the wonderful YAPC, and thanks to everyone at Chicago.pm,
TPF, and other sponsors.
I would also like to thank these three presenters for presentations
which I thought was exceptional, and I would encourage people to view
the video and/or review the notes on the web if you think the topics
are interesting:
* Managing a Giant Perl Project, JT Smith.  While not a "pure perl"
talk, still a great presentation about project management best
* Get out of Technical Debt Now, Andy Lester.  A great presentation
about perl best practices.
* Shrinkwrap Software Development with Perl, PAR and SOAP, Chris Dolan.
A great presentation about PAR.  I've been using PAR at work, and I
found out a few PAR flags and behavior characteristics which I didn't
know about.
Also, the wiki conversation at :
http://yapcchicago.org/wiki/index.cgi?SoWhatsTheDeal is great reading &
great lessons learned.
On that note, have a great day.

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