[yapc] PerlMonks BOF Wednesday Lunch?

bwarfield at cpan.org bwarfield at cpan.org
Tue Jun 27 18:32:00 PDT 2006

There seems to be some interest in having a PerlMonks BOF, but no actual plan.  If there were a plan, though, it would probably be for lunch tomorrow, so I'm pretending that's what it is.  

That plan lacks a meeting location and a place to go, so I propose meeting by the bulletin board, wherever that happens to be at lunchtime tomorrow, and figuring out a place to eat then.  (Chinatown has been suggested as an option.)

So in summary, if there were a current plan for a PerlMonks BOF, it would be to meet by the bulletin board at about 12:05 tomorrow, and go get lunch.  And if any refinements or modifications of that plan emerge in the next 18 hours, do please update the (physical) bulletin board posting to reflect them, so the less-networked among us will be clued in as well.  :-)

	--Ben Warfield

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