[yapc] Let's talk

Andy Lester andy at petdance.com
Mon Jun 26 21:19:30 PDT 2006

My apologies to those I wound up saying hi to, and little more, as I  
rushed around (MJD, JFluhmann, at the very least).  Between the talk  
that I gave, and the rooms I was in charge of monitoring, I was  
pretty crazy.  Tuesday, I'm going to be doing mostly sitting around  
talking to people, so please come up and talk to me.

With my Perl Foundation public relations hat on, I'd also like to  
talk to people about what's cool in the Perl world that I can sell to  
the public at large.  Let's talk about what you think is worth  
shouting about.


Andy Lester => andy at petdance.com => www.petdance.com => AIM:petdance

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