[yapc] I won't be in till tomorrow morning, need advice.

Clyde Forrester ccf3 at mindspring.com
Sun Jun 25 21:07:49 PDT 2006

Tom Yarrish wrote:

>Well, Blue Line from O'Hare to Downtown is typically 45 minutes.  But  
>around 9am you should be able to get a train pretty quickly.  I'd  
>plan on about another 30 minutes once you're downtown to switch  
>trains and get to IIT.  It's probably easier to switch to the Red  
>Line once you get down into the loop, since it parallels the Blue  
>Line there.  However it's a little bit farther walk from the 35th St  
>stop to IIT.
Actually, it's probably easier to switch to the Green Line at the Clark 
and Lake stop. Just go up three flights of escalators and you are there.


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