[yapc] Elevated trains? What will they come up with next?

Jonathan T. Rockway jrockway at uchicago.edu
Sat Jun 24 00:01:21 PDT 2006

Since I was the one that mentioned the existence of the possibility of
taking the bus (that's right, not "recommended" :) on the Wiki, I'd like
to point out two things:

1. The #35 isn't "obscure"; it's one of the more popular routes.
2. 35/Archer is in Bridgeport, the neighborhood where you might notice
the large mansions, and Daley's family.  (There are some bad areas of
Bridgeport, but 35/Archer isn't one of them.  It's not a *nice oh wow*
area either, but that's 99.99% of Chicago for you.)

Take the L if you want, the transfer is free.  Personally I'm afraid to
take the green line, since it's so empty all the time.  I used to take
the red line to work (in Hyde Park, got off at 55th).  In the morning,
around 7am to 10am, it's 100% empty going south after Roosevelt.  It's
nice to have the train to yourself, it's not so nice to share it with
one weirdo.

A guy I work with was punched while on the green line around 35th.  I
was assulted on the Red Line between 35th and Cermak (this wasn't in the
morning though, it was around 7:00 at night, when the train is equally
empty but in the opposite direction.)

In my experience, the busses are much safer (except for waiting).  The
bus driver will get rid of any weirdos by calling the police or yelling
at them.

The rail operators tend to ignore you.  (I pushed the emergency call
button when I was in trouble.  The other person yelled over me saying
that it was an accident and not to worry about the other person yelling
in the background.  Good enough for the operator, making minimum wage or

I'm just saying that the L isn't some rosy fairytale system like Tokyo
or anything.  IIT is on the south side, surrounded by housing projects.
 The south side has a reputation for a reason.  Just keep that in mind.

If you do take the bus, the bus actually pulls into a mini bus-terminal
at 35/Archer, so you never even have to go outside.  I'm not saying I
recommend it, just saying that it's a good option, IMO :)

Jonathan Rockway

Joshua McAdams wrote:
>> The GREEN line and the ORANGE line share some stations up near the  
>> loop.
>> I'm hazy on the specifics, but it might include ROOSEVELT. If so, take
>> the orange to Roosevelt, and transfer to a southbound (mumble 63rd)
>> green train to IIT. MUCH, much easier than "Oh, catch an obscure  
>> bus or
>> something".
> NO BUSSES!!!  Take the ORANGE line to Roosevelt and take ANY GREEN  
> line down or the RED line down.  From the Orange, the Green will be  
> easier (across the platform)
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