[yapc] Docathon (was Re: State of Perl 6 Backends)

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Fri Jun 23 12:48:41 PDT 2006

>>>>> "AT" == Audrey Tang <autrijus at gmail.com> writes:

  AT> Indeed.  So instead of having the implementions define the language,
  AT> this time around the specs, and tests, and API documentations, need
  AT> to be adhered closely by implementors, which is why we're all talking
  AT> together in #perl6 in the past few months or so. :-)

that was a good leadin for me to remind anyone at the chicago hackathon
that we are going to also do a docathon. i actually printed up (double
sided to save trees) the full set of synopses from perl.org. (not the
most up to date but good enough). i will be marking it up as i read
it. i would like to get some of you to do more proofreading at the
docathon and we can integrates our patches, rewrites, questions while a
large corps of p6 hackers will be around. take a break from hacking p6
and hack the p6 docs! 

sign up and post your ideas at:


(i should have called it DocAthon. maybe i will rename it)


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