[yapc] Elevated trains? What will they come up with next?

Elliot Shank yapc at galumph.com
Fri Jun 23 12:33:11 PDT 2006

Clyde Forrester wrote:
> Kent Cowgill wrote:
>> HOWEVER, ask a local if a particular route is advised.  Punching in going
>> from Midway to 3300 S. Federal advises to get off the orange line at
>> Archer, and waiting for a bus.  I would avoid this route as it has you
>> standing around with all your worldly traveling possessions in a
>> not-so-nice neighborhood.
> I call BS on the CTAs advice.
> The GREEN line and the ORANGE line share some stations up near the
> loop. I'm hazy on the specifics, but it might include ROOSEVELT. If
> so, take the orange to Roosevelt, and transfer to a southbound
> (mumble 63rd) green train to IIT. MUCH, much easier than "Oh, catch
> an obscure bus or something".

Absolutely switch at Roosevelt to get to campus from Midway; it's the southernmost station that the Orange Line has in common with any other.  From Roosevelt you can take either the Green or Red Lines south to the campus.  Much easier to tell where to get off and nicer than attempting to take your luggage on the bus.

>From O'Hare, you'll need to take the Blue Line to

- the Clark & Lake station and switch to the Green Line (note that the Blue Line at this point is underground and the Green Line is a story above ground, so there are elevators/escalators/stairs in your future).


- the Washington or Jackson stations and switch to the Red Line.  When you get off the Blue Line train and are standing on the platform, look for a set of stairs going DOWN in the middle of the platform.  Do not use the stairs/escalators going up at the ends of the platform; these take you up to the street.  The stairs going down will get you into a tunnel that will bring you up in the middle of the equivalent Red Line station.

Useless trivia: at the time it was built, the Red Line platform was the longest train platform in the world; the L makes four stops on the same platform.  The Blue Line platform parallel to the Red Line one "only" has three stops on it.

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