[yapc] Weather

Elliot Shank yapc at galumph.com
Fri Jun 23 08:11:26 PDT 2006

Jose Castro wrote:
> Chicago: What kind of clothing should I pack?
> T-shirts?
> Something warmer?
> Is it rainy?
> Is it really really hot?
> Is it snowing?

Yes.  To all of the above.  Well, maybe not the last one-- I think the record for the latest snow is sometime in May.

It currently looks like things are going to be fairly temperate next week, but that could readily change, in either direction.

"If you don't like the weather in Chicago, wait 15 minutes."

Extremes in the last two weeks: 48.2F/9.0C to 91.9F/33.3C.  Wind has been as high as 28mph/44kph with gusts up to 49mph/80kph.  Humidities between 21% and 90%.  (Data is for Midway airport, which is the smaller and closer to campus one, accumulated via http://www.gauchosoft.com/Software/Seasonality/.)

The campus and Goose island are significantly closer to the lake than the airport, which tends to temper things.  Around now, if the wind is from the east, you can expect the temperature in these areas to be up to 5F/3C cooler than Midway.

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