[yapc] Camera etiquette

David Golden dagolden at cpan.org
Wed Jun 21 13:14:12 PDT 2006

Jeremy Fluhmann wrote:
> Does anyone have anything to offer as “picture taking etiquette” 
> advice?  I plan on taking several pictures at YAPC, but I don’t want to 
> be known as the jerk who was taking pictures during times when he 
> shouldn’t have.

Generally, I'd say that you should try to be unobtrusive.  If you wander
into the middle of a talk, walk to the front, spent 30 seconds trying to 
get a good angle, and fire off several flash photos, you're going to 
pretty much distract everyone around you and possibly the speaker as 
well.  That would pretty much classify you as "the jerk".

For candids, again, be unobtrusive and also use judgment and 
consideration for others.  Some people may feel that taking candid 
pictures of them is an invasion of their privacy, particularly if you 
intend to "publish" them.  If you're documenting an event, taking casual 
pictures, you're on safer ground than if you're looking to take pictures 
of people in an unflattering or embarrassing light.

(IANAL, but while public picture taking is almost always legally 
protected, YAPC::NA is a private function that probably has the right to 
restrict the images/recordings of its events.  I doubt that's an issue, 
but you should be aware before snapping your pictures.)


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