[yapc] YAPC::NA::2006 iCalendar

Elliot Shank yapc at galumph.com
Tue Jun 20 10:12:08 PDT 2006

In trying to decide which sessions to attend, I transcribed the schedule to iCalendar format (well, I used Apple iCal and exported).  If anyone finds such a thing useful, it can be found at http://galumph.com/ical/public/YAPC::NA::2006.ics

The URLs for the events point to the abstracts for each session, which have also been copied into the body of the events.  If presenters have URLs for slides, notes, or other material, I'd like to change the event URLs to point to those.

The calendar includes the only BOF that seems to have a fixed time.  If other BOFs finally settle on when/where they're going to be, I'll add them.

Corrections and additions encouraged.

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