[yapc] On-Campus Accomidations

Josh McAdams josh at yapcchicago.org
Mon Jun 19 10:12:58 PDT 2006

Okay,  I have the draft version of the list of attendees staying on 
campus.  There is a page for MSV Singles, SSV Singles, and SSV doubles. 
  If you are staying on campus, please make sure that you are signed up 
and that the nights that you are staying are flagged with a 'Y'.  If you 
have any problems with what is on the page, just send me a note off-list.

I know that some of these are wrong because there are a few of you that 
we are trying to get into the dorms a little early.  Feel free to remind 
me if you are one of those people and yet the wiki doesn't show your 
real checkin and departure.

SSV Doubles

SSV Singles

MSV Singles


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