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York, Joel Joel.York at chicagogsb.edu
Fri Jun 16 15:06:36 PDT 2006

I attended IIT a little more recently (early 90s) and I would say that
you don't need to worry so much as long as you stay on campus. The 7-11
in the middle of campus attracts a large amount of police (free coffee
for them), which helps. ;)
However, I wouldn't recommend going south of 35th at night, unless in
groups or during a Sox game. Taking the el should be okay for the most

I work at the U of C and right now, we've had some serious crime
problems for the last year or so, but, even so, the students here seem
to have more fun that I did when I was going to IIT. Could be a grass is
greener thing, though.

My last word of caution: keep your wallet out of your back pocket.
Getting your pocket picked sucks.


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Most likely.  My Dad actually attended IIT (about 50 years ago), and
he's said it wasn't really bad back then.  For the last 20 years, though
the reputation has been as noted on the list.  Fine to go directly to
the campus, but don't go wandering around, especially at night.

U of C is the same way, though the rumor I've heard is that the bad
neighborhood is deliberate, to encourage the students to stay indoors
and study...one reason why nobody at U of C has any fun, I've heard. :)


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