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Bill Morris bill_morris at ncsu.edu
Thu Jun 15 19:58:53 PDT 2006

  Try club runs on a Triumph Tiger 750 hard tail with drag bars. Ouch. 
When I was younger and my back was better. 8=)

Bill Morris (The BikerPoet)

>>> "Elias Lutfallah" <eli at mortgagefolder.com> 6/15/2006 10:21 pm >>>

> That would be fun, but riding my VStar 650 from Southern Ontario is
> bit far! It looks like a big bike, but it's really too small for
> long a trip.

I've ridden my VStar 650 from Chicago to Alabama and back. Also from
Chicago to Denver and back.

It is extremely uncomfortable on long trips. My butt hurts just
about those trips.


Elias Lutfallah
Chief Technology Officer
Mortgage Desk, Inc.

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