[yapc] A word of caution

Josh McAdams josh at yapcchicago.org
Thu Jun 15 12:46:46 PDT 2006

> I have been researching the immediate area of IIT for restaurants, groceries
> and such.  I have recently talked with two men, one who currently lives in the
> area and another one who grew up there.  Both of them have STRONGLY CAUTIONED
> me about wandering around the area, particularly to the south and east.  They
> say doing so presents a serious risk of being assaulted.

Taking a look at crime reports in the area, it seems like there hasn't 
been too much filed in the last nine months.  Most of the crime was 
against property and was far west of the campus, around US Cellular Field.


Filter down to district 9 (Deering).

IIT is on the east side of 90/94 at 33rd street.

I'm not saying that it's overly safe around the area.  Chicago is a big 
city and there are a lot of bad people.  If you walk down dark alleys 
with cash in your hand, something will happen to you.  Just use caution 
when you go places, especially at night.  Go out in groups... you're 
here to socialize aren't you :)  If you can, take the Green line on to 
and off of campus and board and exit on the north ramp because it will 
drop you off right behind the dorms an you will minimize time off campus.

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