[yapc] A word of caution

Todd Olson tco2 at cornell.edu
Thu Jun 15 12:24:56 PDT 2006


I have been researching the immediate area of IIT for restaurants, groceries
and such.  I have recently talked with two men, one who currently lives in the
area and another one who grew up there.  Both of them have STRONGLY CAUTIONED
me about wandering around the area, particularly to the south and east.  They
say doing so presents a serious risk of being assaulted.

I asked them about traveling the 'L' in the evening, for example landing at midway at 7:30pm and taking the 'L' to IIT.  They said that the ride from
midway to down town should be okay, but they both expressed concern about
the ride from down town to IIT at that evening time.  They said things like
...well there should be plenty of police on the 'L' ...  They say things have
improved in the last 10 years ... but ...

They seemed comfortable with riding the 'L'  around noon.

    (So I decided to arrange my plane to arrive earlier in the day
    (and to stay on IIT rather than ride back and forth to a hotel

Perhaps the information I have received is overly pessimistic.

Perhaps some one with first hand experience both in the IIT area
as well away from that area can provide some insights?  Keeping 
in mind that some of us has always lived in pretty gentle communities.
Help me be prudent and avoid being alarmest.

Todd Olson
Cornell University

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