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Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Tue Jun 6 21:44:30 PDT 2006

hi to all yapc::NA homo saps!

this should go out to all the currently registered attendees (you are
subscribed when you register) and any other subscribers left over from
previous years. if you didn't get this and you are attending yapc, tell
us to fix the list!

it is less than 3 weeks away from yapc::chicago and i will finally get
off my duff and perform some of the duties of yapc socialist czar. this
is the start of the deadline rush to register and we are building up the
psychic energy to a point where it peaks during the auction! :)

so here are some wimpy wiki tasks for all of you to do.

add yourself to the attendees list and create your yapc home page:


there are about 250 registrants now (i bet the final count will be
350-400) and only about 80 are on that page. we must have a higher
percentage number or else!

if you want to hook up with other yapc'ers, share your info on these


no stalking will be allowed.

as is our tradition, we are organizing a arrival dinner on sunday
night. as as before you are requested to help choose the venue so vote
on this page (edit it and add your name under the place you want):


and the highlight of the week (well, sometimes) is the conference dinner
and fundraising auction. this page is under construction but look for it
to be up in a day or so. i will announce more when it is ready.


i have done some editing of the wiki pages and will be doing more in the
very near future. add your own stuff too.



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