[yapc] batman on imax

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Tue Jun 21 11:41:52 PDT 2005

>>>>> "RR" == Rex Roof <rexroof at gmail.com> writes:

  RR> On 20 Jun 2005 12:25:11 -0700, Randal L. Schwartz <merlyn at stonehenge.com> wrote:
  >> I saw Batman on Imax here in Buffalo over the weekend.
  >> The movie was great (a far better prequel than Star Wars 3).
  >> However, the Imax is really wasted for this.  Because the film is
  >> widescreen, only the middle third (quarter?) of the Imax screen gets
  >> used, so it's about like looking at the movie on a normal projection,
  >> provided your film jock knows how to get the focus right.
  >> It's not like the releases (I've heard) of mainstream movies that are
  >> recut to fit the Imax aspect ratio.  Too bad I wasn't able to see one
  >> of those.

  RR> I saw the matrix sequel in imax and it was a full imax movie.
  RR> I'm sort of surprised that batman isn't full imax, too, if they're
  RR> bothering to show it in the theater.

when i called the paramount number (on the wiki page), the recording
first plugs the batman/imax and i think it mentioned the image being
specially done for the screen. maybe some imax places are just showing
the basic 35mm film on a larger screen and others paid more for the imax
format film.

if someone wants to call that number and transcribe the info, it would
be cool if you put that on the wiki or emailed it to this list.


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