[yapc] batman on imax

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Mon Jun 20 12:25:11 PDT 2005

>>>>> "Uri" == Uri Guttman <uri at stemsystems.com> writes:

Uri> i called the paramount famous players and they are selling tix in
Uri> advance for batman on the imax. the recording gave famousplayers.biz for
Uri> a url but it isn't responding. so if anyone local to toronto can find
Uri> out how to contact a manager there, please do and get me contact
Uri> info. maybe we could actually grab the imax for ourselves if i try a
Uri> last second offer of a sellout. :) as that time slot (10pm on sunday)
Uri> shouldn't be too popular. if we can't get the whole place, i would
Uri> suggest buying tickets at the box office before the arrival dinner. it
Uri> isn't far from the hotel and not that out of the way to rol san. that
Uri> will be my plan too.

I saw Batman on Imax here in Buffalo over the weekend.

The movie was great (a far better prequel than Star Wars 3).

However, the Imax is really wasted for this.  Because the film is
widescreen, only the middle third (quarter?) of the Imax screen gets
used, so it's about like looking at the movie on a normal projection,
provided your film jock knows how to get the focus right.

It's not like the releases (I've heard) of mainstream movies that are
recut to fit the Imax aspect ratio.  Too bad I wasn't able to see one
of those.

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