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Tue Jun 7 14:09:16 PDT 2005

* Drew Taylor <drew at drewtaylor.com> [2005-06-07T16:07:16]
> Now that I have a powerbook and have been introduced to the wonders of 
> SubEthaEdit & the iSight, I wonder how these tools could be used to do 
> more effective note taking/archiving of talks. Will the talks be 
> recorded on video for later DL by attendees? Would an iSight from the 
> front row work well enough as far as light & sound go?

An iSight in the front row may produce tolerable footage, and possibly
even decent sound.  I imagine that you'll have trouble getting the
entire presentation area in frame.

It's more important to note, though, that many presenters give their
talks as part of their way of making a living, and won't want you making
records.  Please be sure to ask permission of the presenter, first.

> On the note taking front, anyone have experience on using SubEtha on a 
> large scale?

It was used extensively at the last two OSCONs and the last YAPC, at
least.  I never saw it explode.

> I've been using SubEtha + iChatAV + iSight to do pair programming with 
> a client who is in Italy for the summer and the combination is quite 
> astounding. We're nearly as productive 5000 miles apart as we were 3 
> feet apart.

A common setup that emerged was iChat/Rendezvous status messages
announcing your location, and SEE/Rendezvous announcing your

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