[yapc] socialist news

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Mon Jun 6 21:02:41 PDT 2005

hi all yapc bound folks,

i am here to report on the lastest news of socialist activities at
yapc. these are beyond the cruise/dinner/auction and the fun sounding
scavenger hunt!

we are working on an arrival dinner on sunday night, june 26. it looks
like it will be a chinese place in chinatown which is near the
hotel. check out this kiwki page for more info:


be sure to select your choice of the two places at:


and don't forget to rsvp at:


we do need accurate head counts so we can make a proper
reservation. both places can host over 100 people so get in on the fun!

also i have been working on a movie night but having no luck in booking
a theater. but we can just do impromptu groups as they happen. check out
the local theater info at:


so you are hereby ordered to have more fun at yapc::toronto. email the
list with your ideas about movies, dinner and such.

we will probably be doing various lunch/dinner trips to chinatown as i
have heard about some good places. dim sum for lunch anyone? more to
follow here and on the kwiki.

Uri (Exalted YAPC Socialist Czar)

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