[yapc] report from the socialist czar

Jim Brandt cbrandt at buffalo.edu
Fri Apr 8 09:31:55 PDT 2005

On Apr 8, 2005, at 8:16 AM, Richard Dice wrote:

> If anyone has suggestions of more we can do, please let me know!  I'd 
> like to find more ways for Gerard to let the Perl world know what's 
> going on here in Toronto in June.

I know from last year the last thing I wanted to hear was, "YAPC is 
here in Buffalo? If I had only known..." And I did hear it.

What this told me is that we need to think about connections outside 
the Perl world. All of the suggestions so far have been good -- except 
the telling people what to do stuff :) -- and those will reach the Perl 
faithful through the normal channels.

But believe it or not, there are people who don't go to use.perl or 
perlmonks and who don't belong to a PM group. I know it's shocking, but 
it's true.

Some other channels to try:

* CS departments at local colleges (I know TO.pm talked about this, but 
try to catch them before finals);

* Maybe science and bioinformatics type departments as well;

* Other computer user groups like Linux groups or other language groups;

* Channels available through sponsors. They are giving cash, so they 
often want people to attend to see that they are giving cash. I think 
SAMS included a plug in a newsletter last year and as Uri suggested 
perl.com might insert an announcement (actually, I think they already 

* slashdot. The don't always frontpage, but they'll put it up in the 
developer section. Wait on this one until closer to the conference.

* orkut? Is anyone doing that any more?

* Everyone on this list. Mention the conference to anyone you think 
might be interested, then mention it to the people you thing won't be 
interested :) You never know.

Just a few ideas. We actually had several walk-up registrations last 
year from UB people who didn't know it was going on, but attended at 
the last minute. I only wish I had figured out a way to get the word 
out to them earlier.


Jim Brandt
Administrative Computing Services
University at Buffalo

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