[yapc] report from the socialist czar

Richard Dice rdice at pobox.com
Fri Apr 8 08:55:40 PDT 2005

>>repeated mailings to the pm groups and other lists. at least 1 a month
>>and every two weeks the last month. it is amazing how many will not see
>>the earlier posts. also remind the pm managers that pm and yapc are both
>>run by tpf so they should obey orders from the powers that be and resend
>>the emails to their groups. we can only send to the group leaders (and
>>that list can be spotty) and ask them to resend to their groups.
> I cannot think of a better way to piss off PM group leaders than to
> suggest that their groups are run by pm.org or by TPF, or to give them
> orders, or to suggest that there be any powers.

I like Uri's suggestion that we must communicate more frequently with 
the *.pm.org groups, but I'm not sufficiently self-deluded to think that 
I could give orders.

We can email those lists directly, though.  No need to wait on another 
level of indirection via the group leaders.  (All that they would do is 
just forward the email to the various local *.pm.org mailing lists, 
anyhow.)  I have appointed someone in Toronto.pm to be my mail-out guy 
and he is subscribed to all of the *.pm.org lists, so when I ask him to 
he just sends out to them.


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