[yapc] Welcome back

Daniel Allen dada.da at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 15:42:07 PDT 2005

As Richard said, this list will be used for official and unofficial
YAPC updates, as in previous years since 2003.  Welcome back.

To answer Uri's question about who is in charge of the list,
technically it's Jeff Bizbee of YAS, but really since it's
Mailman-administered, we should be able to manage our own
subscription/unsubscription (see the headers and footer for hints).   
If you have mailing-list related questions, feel free to bother
Michael Graham, <magog at the-wire.com>, the Communications Czar, or
myself, <da at coder.com>, an Official Flunky.

Other questions might be directed at Richard Dice, the main YAPC
organizer, but he's really busy so you should probably bother one of
us first. :)

We're working on getting the wiki reactivated, and will send a note
when that's been done.  Please make yourselves at home, etc. etc...


http://coder.com/ - Prescient Code Solutions - (519) 575-3733 da at coder.com
http://kw.pm.org/ - Kitchener-Waterloo Perl Mongers -         da at kw.pm.org

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