[yapc] Low attendance?

Loliger, Donna dloliger at buffalo.edu
Sat May 22 19:51:10 CDT 2004

Hi Tim -
  We actually have 118 registrations as of last Thursday and we are
definitely having YAPC in Buffalo! This will be an excellent conference!

Donna L.
Administrative Computing Services
University at Buffalo

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By the present time, only 22 people have signed up on the
"attendees" list at the Wiki site. Of course that's not a
complete list of all who will attend, but with only 3+ weeks left
before the event, I had expected to see *many more* names there.

If by chance it's true that the actual registrations are
unusually low, can somebody in the know please indicate whether
it's certain at this time that the conference will really take place?

I sure hope so ...

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