[yapc] social event news

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Fri May 14 13:03:56 CDT 2004

hello to all yapc::buffalo life forms!

here is some news on the various social events and some things for you
to do.

the harry potter on the imax event is very solid now. jim (who did ALL
the work on this event including finding the sponsorship) will be
picking up the tickets in the near future. the choices are a 7:00PM or
10:15PM showing. this will be wednesday night june 16, the first day of
yapc. we are leaning to the later show so people can have time for
dinner and binging :)

we will have over 100 tickets to give away. we are debating how to do
that but you can bribe us to get tix! maybe donations to tpf? any ideas
are welcomed and will be ignored unless acompanied by bribes. if we run
out of free tix, you can buy more at the discounted group rate.

we need to know if you are planning to attend the arrival dinner. this
will be tuesday night, june 15 at 7pm. we need at least 40 to have the
buffet set up. check out


to see the possible menu. we expect it to be around $25 per person plus
drinks. also send in your menu choices as we will have to finalize that
soonish. we have a 50 person room reserved but we can handle more in the
main dining room. we also have to finalize the numbers (or just get
really close) by a few days before the dinner. so email in your plans
and we can try to keep a running total. anyone want to volunteer to
handle this? you can earn a pair of potter tix for this! just maintain a
list of names and a count of arrival dinner attendees.

the maid of the mist is set and we don't need a perfect head count but
it would be nice to know about how many are going. so email in your
interest and counts as well. someone (else?) can also maintain this list
and count for a pair of tix.

there is other amazing tourist stuff to do at niagara falls. a turbine
powered boat ride up and down rapids, a sky ride over the whirlpool,
walking through tunnels to the back of the falls, etc. anyone want to
research some of these and post/kiwki urls and info? the usual 2 tix
rule applies. i would like to do the tunnel behind the falls thing. we
could do an impromptu expedition there after the maid ride. maybe i will
check out their group rate info.

as i mentioned on the kwiki, we will be caravaning to all the outside
events. so if you will have a car and can take riders, email in how many
and which events you will probably be going to. anyone else want to
maintain this info for a pair of tix?

more regular announcements to come (especially when the usual flurry of
late registrations comes in :).

you WILL have fun at yapc (or you won't).

your yapc socialist czar (oxymoron intended),


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