[yapc] maid of the mist trip

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Tue May 4 15:50:12 CDT 2004

i got maid of the mist info. we are penciled in as a large group for
saturday june 19th. there are no reservations but boats (which hold 300)
leave every half hour so we can just show up en masse and catch the next
boat. they know about our group (called yapc :) and would try to put us
all on one boat if possible. so i think we should aim for a noon or so
trip. we would gather at ubuffalo or the hotel at 11am and caravan over
there (about 30 minutes). we would be ticketed as we go in and they
count the heads. we pay afterwards so we need to collect the cash
ourselves. price is $10.40/person with 1 comp ticket for every 20 paid
(the yapc cabal gets the comps!! :)

so all we need to do is let them know a more accurate head count closer
to the date and herd the cats to get there and collect money. this
should be cash only as dealing with lots of $10 credit card transactions
will take forever.

i think we are expecting about 250+ yapc attendees so i will guess at
least 100 will do this. you will be crazy to go to buffalo and not see
the falls and this is one of the best ways to do it.

all the tour and boat info is at maidofthemist.com but it is pure flash

your hard working social director,


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