[yapc] Time to freeze the wiki?

Zachary Zebrowski zaz at mitre.org
Tue Jun 29 14:21:42 CDT 2004

Why not use Email::Obfuscate to hide email addresses on the kwiki site ( 
)?   Perhaps next year we should recommend that if you are going to post 
an email address, rather than using your primary address, use one from 
http://www.spamgourmet.com, which forwards mail from a random address to 
your permanent address, which you can later turn off or 
http://www.dodgeit.com, which allows you to create a "free receive only" 
email address...  (Note, I'm not affiliated with either site, nor am I 
recommending one over the other, just offering this as an FYI.)


Jim Brandt wrote:

> Sounds like a good plan to me, along with the suggestion to post a 
> note about sending additional info to the list.
> Jim B.
> On Jun 29, 2004, at 2:13 PM, Bill Odom wrote:
>> Ingy said:
>>> I can freeze it if there are more spammers than people to maintain it.
>> I suggest we leave it open for the remainder of the week so people can
>> post any remaining talk notes, slides, photos, etc., and then freeze it.
>> I've been checking it a couple of times a day anyway, and I can keep 
>> doing
>> that for the rest of the week to repair any damage.
>> Sound good?
>> Bill
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