[yapc] Looking for the YAPC CD

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Fri Jun 18 13:34:52 CDT 2004

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Boin <pboin at intertechconsulting.net> writes:

Paul> Unfortunately, I was signed up for the conference, but 'real' work got 
Paul> in the way.  Would it be appropriate for me to ask for a copy of the 
Paul> CD?  At least that way I walk away with a little something...

Paul> If that's appropriate, would someone please send me a copy? I'd of 
Paul> course pay my own way.

Paul> Thanks, and hopefully I'll make it next time.

Paul> YAPC CD Wiki page:

Paul> http://yapc.kwiki.org/index.cgi?YapcCD

Please keep in mind that there's at least *one* set of materials
(ours) on the CD for which duplicating the entire CD for non-YAPC
attendees would be a copyright violation.

However, since you said you were signed up for YAPC, we'll look the
other way. :-)

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