[yapc] Re: passport and tourism

Mike McClain mike at matchevents.com
Mon Jun 14 07:39:08 CDT 2004

Last time I went into Canada and back ( I walked over at Niagara Falls), 
they required
1. Passport
2. Drivers license AND birth certificate.

If I hadn't been with more knowledgeable people I would not have known 
about the birth certificate requirement. I'm not sure what they do to 
you when you're trying to come back with insufficient identification. So 
if you have a passport, its easier to bring that I would think.


>given all the security hoopla, should i bring my passport just to cross
>into canada for tourist stuff? in my previous forays north, i just
>needed my driver's license and in some cases at small town crossovers,
>nothing happened.
>anyone know the current trends at niagara falls (like over rainbow

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