[yapc] Kwiki BOF

sp2nbyi02 at sneakemail.com sp2nbyi02 at sneakemail.com
Sun Jun 13 22:56:14 CDT 2004

I'd like to announce a BOF for people interested in the new and
upcoming Kwiki. However, this being my first time at YAPC, I'm
unsure as to when or where I should host it. In fact, all but one
of the BOFs appear to be unscheduled.

The options appear to have BOF with pancakes (early) or BOF with
beer (late). I'd appreciate any suggestions anyone might have. :)

Details of the BOF are at http://yapc.kwiki.org/?KwikiBOF

Ian Langworth
Project Guerrilla
Northeastern University
College of Computer and Information Science

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