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Walt Mankowski waltman at pobox.com
Sun Jun 13 11:36:25 CDT 2004

On Sat, Jun 12, 2004 at 12:11:33PM -0400, James Keenan wrote:
> 3.  The time needed to pass through Customs and Immigration varies 
> maddeningly.  I've driven into and out of Canada four times since 9/11. 
>  I never have a problem getting into Canada.  I show them my passport 
> and my license number is already in their system.
> 	Getting back into the U.S. is a different question.  I've entered 
> 	the U.S. via the Queenston-Lewiston Bridge (most direct route from Canada 
> to northern Erie County and points east) three times since Sept 2001 -- 
> once just 3 weeks after the attacks.  The first two times:  no problem, 
> no more than 15 minute waits, even though I was asked to open my trunk. 
>  But in early May, returning from Toronto (where, once again, I had a 
> great time with to.pm), it took me 90 minutes to cross the Bridge and 
> get through C&I -- and I don't really know why the processing was going 
> so slowly.  And the Q-L Bridge always had a reputation of being faster 
> than the Peace Bridge!
> 	Implication:  Be sure you take a bathroom break before approaching 
> 	the border, particularly entering the US.

I think I did that border crossing yesterday.  (Is it the one you hit
when taking I-190?)  It only took me a few minutes.  The Canadian
border guy asked me a few token questions and sent me on my way.  He
didn't even ask to see any ID, not even a driver's license.

However, the other way was another story entirely.  Traffic was backed
up quite a ways going back into the US.

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