[yapc] Arrival dinner

Michael E. Smith mesmith at panix.com
Tue Jun 8 11:32:24 CDT 2004

Uri reminded us:
> ok, this is the last reminder for the arrival dinner. we have 50 mongers
> coming which is great since the room holds 50! we could squeeze in a
> small monger or two more. overflow can use the main dining room
> you are still welcome to just show up if you aren't signed up. there
> will be enough for a couple of more to buy into the buffet or you can
> order off the menu

I was unable to work the KWIKI.  I hope to attend the Arrival
dinner, but I don't know if I will arrive in time.  My transportation
plans are not yet set.  The most likely time seems to be 6:30pm at the
train station on Tuesday.

I received e-mail confirmation for the dorm and the conference, but
my name doesn't show up on the posted lists.

Michael E. Smith, NYC
New York Perl Monger

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