[yapc] Arriving late for dorm room -- a problem?

Loliger, Donna dloliger at buffalo.edu
Mon Jun 7 14:23:03 CDT 2004

HI Alex -
  I just got notification from the Housing office that you can call a
Housing RA student at extension 2135 from a campus phone (or a non-campus
phone dial 645-2135) and that a student can meet you to let you into your
room. The Housing office also offered to take your name and that they would
be aware that you were coming in late. I gave them your name in case you
decide to do this.  

Now it will be late (early) and I cannot personally guarantee that this
student will not be snoozing at the other end of the phone line though the
Housing office says "you'll be taken care of". It's up to you, if you are
uncomfortable with this arrangement, you may want to get a volunteer to get
the key for you. 

Donna L.

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* alex beamish (alexbeamish at yahoo.com) wrote:
> I'd like to be able to get into my room, even if I
> arrive after midnight. What arrangements can I make?
> Thanks.

Last year we just had someone volunteer to hand out room keys to the
late commers.  (I'm pretty sure that Kevin Meltzer did this @ FAU).  It
doesn't have to be one of the organizers either.  

If someone who is staying in the dorms could volunteer to make sure that
late comers get their room keys, I'm sure the conference organizers would 
appreciate it (one less thing to worry about)

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