[yapc] Re: Somebody Vs. Somebody Else

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Mon Jun 7 12:25:52 CDT 2004

>>>>> "CS" == Chip Salzenberg <chip at pobox.com> writes:

  CS> According to Adam Turoff:
  >> All things considered, getting 100 Perl geeks together in a theater to 
  >> relive the glory of MST3K isn't the most irrational thing to do at YAPC.

  CS> Oh, my.  It'll be 100 geeks _and_no_one_else_?  With mandatory
  CS> heckling?  *That* I would understand.  I might even sign up.

well, we don't have the entire place to ourselves. at the behive (which
was impromptu) we took over the place and a handful of others didn't
like the critical remarks. best comment:

	the bad guys were abusing neo in his office (early in the
	flick). someone yelled, "you didn't use strict!"

last year, i resurrected the idea and we were able to reserver an entire
small (100 seat) theater for ourselves so we heckled away and boy did it
deserve it.

the imax holds about 200 seat and we have 125 tickets so we won't
control the place but we will dominate it. :) i don't think potter will
deserve as much heckling as the matrix duds IMO. this one has gotten
very good reviews all around (a quality director helps). i won't stop
anyone (or myself) from heckling but it may not work as well in a larger
place with many non-mongers there. we will see. i don't want to cause
trouble with the imax management if others complain about heckling. if
you only say your mst3k lines to your neighbors and don't scream it out,
it could be ok.


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