[yapc] Looking for boarding

Drew Taylor drew at drewtaylor.com
Mon Jun 7 11:20:46 CDT 2004

OK, I'm a serious procrastinator and just registered today. And of 
course when I called the University Inn they are sold out. :-( And the 
dorm reservation deadline has passed too. So I'm looking for a place to 
stay. I can bring an air mattress if someone has floor space in their 
room, preferably at the hotel but a dorm would do I suppose. I'm good 
mannered, don't smell, and have good hygene (my wife trained me well). I 
also like to think I'm interesting and am capable of sustaining a good 

Also, I'll be driving from Boston Tuesday afternoon. If anyone wants to 
ride I have plenty of space. We can share the gas cost (@ 37 mpg) & 
tolls (about $10 each way on I-90).
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