[yapc] Re: Somebody Vs. Somebody Else

James A. Duncan jduncan at fotango.com
Mon Jun 7 10:55:46 CDT 2004

On 7 Jun 2004, at 16:16, Chip Salzenberg wrote:

> According to James A. Duncan:
>> Hmm, this is looking tricky,  my talk ends at 11:40 and the nearest
>> place that I can find showing the game is in Canada.
> Am I reading this correctly?  You're going to miss part of YAPC ...
> so you can *watch* *other* people playing a *game*?
> *sigh*

I think you possibly underestimate the importance that a large part of 
the world places on watching other people play a game.

In the UK most of the management journals have been rife with articles 
about how to combat absenteeism during the Euro 2004 tournament.  Many 
offices around the UK set up projector screens in the office during the 
World Cup so that staff members could watch the various matches without 
taking time off of work (or at least, time out of the office).  The 
last European Championships final between Italy and France had a 
viewing figure in the UK alone of approx. 17.8 million people.

To sum it up, I happen to enjoy it.  If I can watch it, I will.  
Ideally this will be streamed directly to my laptop via the magic of 
the internet and saved for later listening, but if not, I'll try to 
find some other means.

	"Everybody is somebody else's weirdo." - Dilbert


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