[yapc] England Vs. Switzerland

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Mon Jun 7 10:22:49 CDT 2004

>>>>> "JAD" == James A Duncan <jduncan at fotango.com> writes:

  JAD> On 5 Jun 2004, at 16:44, Uri Guttman wrote:

  >>>>>>> "JAD" == James A Duncan <jduncan at fotango.com> writes:
  JAD> The game in question (England vs. Switzerland) kicks off at
  >> about
  JAD> midday on the Thursday, and I really need to find somewhere I
  >> can
  JAD> watch it.  Is there anywhere anybody on this list is familiar
  >> with
  JAD> that might be showing the match?
  >> google for sports bars in nyc and buffalo. there are enough
  >> football^Wsoccer fans around (many non-merkin types) that some bars are
  >> known for having soccer on their tellys.

  JAD> Hmm, this is looking tricky,  my talk ends at 11:40 and the nearest
  JAD> place that I can find showing the game is in Canada. I'm guessing that
  JAD> I won't be able to make the 38 miles to St. Catherines in 20 minutes :)

maybe the bar has tivo? :)

  JAD> This is seriously bad news :-(

sorry for that. maybe when you get to town you can ask around
there. maybe not all sports bars showing soccer would have web pages and
indexed by google. try calling/emailing some local hotels as conceirges
know all about this kinda stuff.


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