[yapc] social event updates

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Wed Jun 2 23:21:21 CDT 2004

i just did a mess of edits (kwiki needs a lock mechanism as i seemed to
have had pages modified while editing but i didn't see any changes but
mine) so check out the yapc.kwiki.org site.

there is a final deadline for the arrival dinner so rsvp and make your
menu choices before tuesday june 8. i have cleared up the menu
selections and made the voting clearer. just bump the (\d+) after the
items you would like. stragglers are welcome (but they have to pay) as
there will be plenty of food or they can order from the menu. we
currently have 36 rsvp's which is great as we need a minimum of 40

i added an anchor bar trip page for wed night before the potter flick.

the potter show will be at 10:15 so we have time for dinner (a 7pm show
would make it tricky since the conference day ends at 5:30).

see ya there,


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