[yapc] social event rsvp's

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Tue Jun 1 23:00:51 CDT 2004

hi all,

we have about 150 registrants for yapc and most/all should be on this
list. and i have received maybe 3 rsvp's for the social events. so this
is a polite kick to remind you to reserve your seat at the arrival
dinner and also for the maid of the mist on saturday. the maid trip is a
looser thing with no firm commitment but we do have a committment for
the restaurant.

so reply to the list (NOT TO ME) and let's get some proper head
counts. public rsvp's will encourage others to do so :).

the arrival dinner has become a fun event where many perl hackers meet
those they have only known on line or get back with old friends. so make
plans for this now and rsvp. it is open to friends and family as well
(as are all the social events).

don't make me come over to your house and force you to rsvp!!


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