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Mon Aug 2 21:39:36 CDT 2004

can walk 20 minutes and go to the movies (there is a beautiful Muvico Palace
20 up the street) and that's about it. Even though the place is very safe,
nobody walks because it's just too far.

I don't know about the fridge in the dorms but I am sure they have air
conditioning. You can't be in South Florida without AC. Now I have an advice
for all of you who never experienced Florida in the summer : bring a sweater.
I'm not kinding. Some places pump up the AC so low, it's freezing. And then
you get out of the store (or the classroom) and you see how well we master
the science of Hot and Cold here :)

One of the best things to do here when it's hot is go to the beach. The
ocean is very calm, especially in the morning. Not a lot of noise, not a lot
of people. The water is so warm it's like taking a giant bath. I highly
recommend it.



* Todd Olson (tco2 at wrote:
> Hi
> If I know what the area around the campus was like
> it would help on deciding what sort of transportation.
> There seems to be a "Whole Foods Market" right across the street
> from the campus.  Is that so?
> What sort of restaurants are the within walking distance?
> I'm interested in something better than a burger.
> It is possible to walk?  Or is it all highways that you can't walk along.
> It is safe to walk? Even at 9 or 10 pm?  Off campus?  On campus?
> I'm assuming the dorms
>     do have air conditioning
>     don't have fridges
> is that right?
> Regards,
> Todd Olson
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