[yapc] YAPC::NA 2004

Brian Ingerson ingy at ttul.org
Wed Apr 14 20:19:50 CDT 2004

On 14/04/04 18:42 -0400, Uri Guttman wrote:
> >>>>> "BI" == Brian Ingerson <ingy at ttul.org> writes:
>   BI> Why don't you point http://kwiki.yapc.org at http://yapc.kwiki.org?
> i would rather have the real kwiki home page on yapc.org along with all
> the other yapc pages. then we don't have to worry about who has control
> over what and other related admin issues.

I would be pleased if you would let me admin the kwiki so I can add new
features that would enhance the conference wiki experience.


Cheers, Brian

> uri
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