[Yapc-na-organizers] YAPC Auctions

Daniel J. Wright Dan at DWright.Org
Sun Apr 12 11:01:23 PDT 2009


I'm seeking historical information about YAPC auctions.   Most
importantly:  Who runs them, and where does the money go?

The issue:  We'd rather not have to deal with doing an auction this year. 
There are a few reasons:

1.  They take up a lot of time and it appears that few attendees seem to
enjoy sitting the entire way through.

2.  Getting cash sponsorship for YAPC is more difficult in our present
economic situation.  The option of an in-kind donation for the auction is
a very attractive alternative to prospective sponsors, which we don't

3.  Somebody has to take the time to organize the auction.

So, ideally, we'd like to either do away with the auction, or make some
major changes to it.   But before making any decisions, we'd like to gain
a little better understanding of what we are dealing with.


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