[Yapc-na-organizers] Lightning Talk technology for YAPC and maybe PPW?

R. Geoffrey Avery rGeoffrey at PlatypiVentures.com
Sun Jun 29 21:12:45 PDT 2008

At 09:27 PM 6/27/2008, Robert Blackwell wrote:
>There was some talk about about trying to come up with some technology
>that might make the Lightning Talks go more smoothly.
>Did this turn into an action item for anybody or was this some idle
>chatter?  If it is real would this solution be available to be tested
>at the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop in October?

I have been looking into this since we the lightning talks in Chicago 
where "hilarity ensued".  I think the part we need is:


It has two inputs and two outputs and they can both be set 
separately.  So when the speaker before you starts on stage, you go 
hook into the other wire and set your display to a small monitor on 
the floor to make sure everything is right.  Then when it is your 
turn you switch your computer to use the main screen and the next 
speaker starts working on the small one with the other wire.

I think we can rely on the local organizers for a monitor, but I want 
to get wires also.  Does anyone have an suggestions for good wires 
that travel well?  Bonus if it comes with audio.  They will sell it 
in a US, UK, or Europe version, but I can not determine from the 
descriptions if I will be able to put an adapter on the US version to 
take it with me.

Do we have a box of stuff that is owned by YAPC that is sent from one 
place to another yet?  Or do I just want to buy one myself?

- Geoff

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