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Richard Dice rdice at pobox.com
Fri Mar 23 06:29:18 PDT 2007

Some feedback so far -

First of all, really good stuff that you're on top of this!

Different levels of sponsorship...

   - often have different perks associated with them beyond just being
   called something different... see if you can provide extra-special benefits
   to higher levels of sponsors (e.g t-shirt placement starts at Gold)
   - could be above just $3000 - maybe you could make a $7500 "Foundation
   Sponsor" level?  (I had one $10k sponsorship and another $6k sponsorship -
   they got some extra-special treatment.)

Re: staff a table at the job fair -- for a $100 Bronze sponsorship?  I think
this is a waaay too low a price for a job fair table.  I think it could be
good planning to say that Platinum (and above) sponsors get a free table,
but I'd think tables themselves could go for $1k.  (Anyone here an OSCON
organizer?  What do you guys charge there?)

Re: May 18th deadline - it's good to include something like this on the
sheet, but in a practical sense you could find yourself receiving (or even
soliciting) sponsorships right up to the day before the event.  Which might
make it tougher to put some of these sponsors into the program but that's
okay as long as they know about it.

Re: contact email address -- you've got the yapchouston.org domain... maybe
you could set yourself up an @yapchouston.org email address to go along with

Sometimes, people want to sponsor an _aspect_ of the conference.  E.g.
Wednesday lunch, the afternoon food breaks, the 1 evening banquet, snacks at
the arrival-night pub outing, the t-shirt.  If you prepare a list of
specific items with specific costs then that could make it easier to sell
those items, not to mention that they can be big ticket items.  (For
instance, it could be easier to find someone to pay for t-shirts for $3000
than to find a Platinum sponsor.)

There is no official mandate for YAPC to "turn a profit."  Every YAPC
organizer for the past several years (going back to 2003 from what I've
seen, maybe earlier) has managed to come out comfortably in the black,
though, by basically being really conservative (cautious, paranoid,
whatever) in their budget (revenue _and_ expense) projections.  This has
effectively made YAPC the key fundraising effect of TPF every year.  But you
guys are totally allowed / empowered to allocate your budget to your
conference first.  Do what you gotta to to make sure that your attendees
having a fantastic time.

Hope that helps!


On 3/23/07, G. Wade Johnson <gwadej at anomaly.org> wrote:
> I tried to send this to the list and was blocked (too large), so here's
> a link instead.
> http://anomaly.org/wade/yapc2007/yapc-2007-sponsorship.pdf
> As suggested, I'm submitting the YAPC:NA sponsorship document here for
> suggestions before posting it for the general public.
> I would appreciate any comments in the next few days.
> Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.
> G. Wade
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