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G. Wade Johnson gwadej at anomaly.org
Wed Mar 21 16:45:22 PDT 2007

On Wed, 21 Mar 2007 12:57:10 -0500
"Jeremy Fluhmann" <fluhmann at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 3/21/07, Will Willis <will.willis at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Here's the status on METRO (http://ridemetro.org/), Houston's
> > transit (bus and rail) system.
> >
> > * We will be getting system maps and local bus schedules for
> > attendees

Sounds good.

> I know it was mentioned in the past about possibly providing the
> passes 'free of charge' to registrants if the price was low enough.
> Would there be a discount if we bought 400+ passes?  If not, I prefer
> to go the route of letting each registrant purchase their own pass.
> I'm sure once the ACT software gets used more (I'm hoping for some
> hackathon action on it ;-), it will provide the ability to more
> easily add things to registration.  As it is now, it's a single drop
> down.  If we include a $20 meal card option, we have 24 prices that
> will be in the dropdown (12 for Early bird, 12 for regular pricing).
> Double the total each time we add an item. :-(  I'm hoping future
> registrations are allowed the ability to add specific items to their
> registration separately.
> I think we should also still look into the charter/shuttle option
> we've talked about previously.  This would get people to downtown
> (where most of the action is ;-) and from there they can use the
> METRORail system (cheaper pass?).

We may need to do more than one type of charter thing, though. Downtown
is not "where most of the action is" in Houston. Don't get me wrong,
there's good stuff there. But, some people might have more of an
interest in Rice Village, or the Richmond area, or the Galleria area.

G. Wade
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